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Thunderhead Engineering PyroSim v2012.1.0312 Beta (32/64-bits)

Thunderhead Engineering PyroSim v2012.1.0312 Beta (32/64-bits)

PyroSim олицетворяет собой графический интерфейс для создания модели динамики пожара. Он используется для моделирования огня, чтобы лучше предсказать направление движения дыма, температуры и концентрацию токсинов во время пожара.

PyroSim is a graphical user interface for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). It is used to create fire simulations that accurately predict smoke movement, temperature, and toxin concentrations during a fire.

Key Features:

PyroSim 2010 is a graphical user interface for version 5 of FDS and Smokeview. Some of PyroSim’s key features include:

* Edit geometry using floor plan images, angled walls, and other powerful tools.
* Integrated execution of FDS and Smokeview
* Full support for 64-bit operating systems
* Run multi-CPU simulations with a single click
* Import existing FDS4 and FDS5 models.
* Convert FDS4 input files to FDS5
* Import AutoCAD DXF models directly or as background images.

PyroSim 2012.1.0312 (Beta) Posted: March 14th, 2012 in PyroSim Release Notes
This is a beta release for PyroSim 2012. Major changes include an improved CAD import system (now supporting DWG and 2D geometry snapping) and improvements to geometry manipulation tools.

Changes since PyroSim 2011.1.1409 include:
Replaced PyroSim’s DXF import library with the Teigha library. This change made it possible for PyroSim to import DWG files directly without conversion to DXF. DXF files are still supported. Imported 2D geometry can now be “snapped to” with the geometry tools – making it easier to sketch walls and other geometry without relying on PyroSim to convert 2D geometry to walls. Imported 3D geometry is now represented more efficiently and as solid geometry – an improvement over the previous approach could only collect thin, 3DFACE-based geometry.
The PyroSim actions used to import CAD and FDS files have been merged into a single action.
Many improvements to PyroSim’s geometry editing features. Highlights include: snapping to grids, objects, and angle constraints; precise keyboard entry; pushing and pulling for object faces; and surface “painting” tools for obstructions and vents. For a complete description, please read the Drawing in PyroSim chapter of the PyroSim Manual.
Updated the PyroSim manual and example problems.
When PyroSim crashes due to an unknown error, a dialog will be displayed that helps users submit a report containing detailed data about the crash. The keyboard combination CTRL+ALT+F6 will now artificially induce PyroSim to crash.
All PyroSim objects can now be grouped in the tree. Grouping was previously limited to geometry.
When editing a geometric object, it is now possible to change the object’s group within the editor dialog. Previously, this was only possible using the Change Group action.
The backup file that is created after a PSM file is successfully opened now uses the user’s “home” folder as a fallback if the PSM file folder is not writable. Previously, it used the system’s temp folder. The crash log file writer now also uses this logic.
PyroSim’s Help menu now contains links to launch installed and online documentation.
The texture dialog now has better performance with large numbers of textures and the aspect ratio of textures can now be locked when editing size.

OC/OS: Windows All
Язык/Language: англ/english
Официальный сайт/Homepage: http://anonym.to/?http://www.thunderheadeng.com/
Размер/Size: 90,61 MB / 88,37 MB

Download / Скачать Thunderhead.Engineering.PyroSim.v2012.1.0312.BETA

Download / Скачать Thunderhead.Engineering.PyroSim.v2012.1.0312.X64.BETA

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